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New Heritage Bank book published: “D-day Through Local Eyes”

By 1st June 2016Publications, World War 2

Our research into Buriton’s connections with the D-Day landings of 1944 culminated in the production of a new book to add to our local history series.

The new book provides first-hand accounts from people in the Buriton area at the time describing:

  • recollections of Canadian troops camped around the village,
  • parachuting into Normandy soon after midnight to capture Pegasus Bridge and other vital targets,
  • landing on the beaches later on D-Day,
  • follow-up operations including the Mulberry Harbours and
  • an amusing account from someone ‘with an inside track’ who missed it all.

By bringing all these stories together, the book is able to highlight the scale, complexity, secrecy and bravery of Operation Overlord ‘through local eyes’.

Copies of the book are available to buy at £5 per copy (plus postage). Please contact Doug Jones via the details below.

A pack of educational materials has also been produced for Buriton Primary School .

However, the search to try to identify exactly which Canadian Regiments and Units spent time in the parish in the build-up to D-Day continues – and anyone with any ideas or information about this is encouraged to contact Doug Jones (01730 231326 or email doug.pam@btinternet.com)