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This community project is researching local life in years gone by and the natural heritage
of the parish of Buriton, near Petersfield, Hampshire, UK.

Buriton church and village pond in about 1900



Our next big 'Bygone Buriton' local history exhibition will be held on Saturday 29th September 2018 from 1pm to 4pm in Buriton's St Mary's church. These events are always very popular and successful with scores of people attending, bringing old photographs and meeting long-lost friends.

In 2018 there will also be a special talk about Buriton's involvement in the First World War on the evening prior to the main exhibition: Friday 28th September - 7.30pm in Buriton Village Hall.

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Our project to find out more about the impacts of the four-year conflict on life at home in Buriton – and to find out

what happened to each of the 193 men who left the parish to take part in the war – is now well underway.

Our research is trying to look at as many sources as possible and we will be summarising

our findings, season by season, covering the activities and events of 100 years ago – as seen though local eyes.

But if you know anything extra or are able to help in any other way, please let us know via heritage@buriton.org.uk

Perhaps you have some family stories of wartime – or letters or diaries which suggest what life was like in this area in those troubled times?

The first instalment of this project, covering the period August to November 1914, can be found here:



With the second instalment (November 1914 to January 1915) here:



And the third instalment (January - March 1915) is here:



The fourth instalment (April - June 1915) is here:



And the fifth instalment (July - September 1915) is here:



The sixth instalment (October to December 1915) is here:



The seventh instalment (January - March 1916) is available here:



The eighth instalment (April to June 1916) is available here:



The ninth instalment (July - September 1916) is available here:



The tenth instalment (October to December 1916) is available here:


The eleventh instalment (January to March 1917) is available here:



The twelfth instalment (April to June 1917) is available here:


The thirteenth instalment (July to September 1917) is available here:



It is now over ten years since the Buriton Heritage Bank was launched – and much has been achieved in that time:nine lavishly illustrated books, regular exhibitions & open days and

almost 3,000 old photos of local people and places that might otherwise have been lost for all time.


We are planning to publish more material in another local history book within the next couple of years.


But, before we finalise our plans for our next publication, CAN YOU HELP?


We are always looking for more photographs and more information about life in the parish in years gone by.


If you know of anybody who might have any information – or anybody who might be able to help in any way – please let us know.  

Flick through your photo albums, check out your cupboards, attack your attics and remind your relatives… Yesterday's local news is tomorrow's local history …


We look forward to hearing from you …


Please contact Doug Jones on 01730 231326, send by email to heritage@buriton.org.uk


The Buriton Heritage Bank has published a number of publications about life in and around Buriton.

All the booklets are crammed with fascinating information and lots of pictures - including hundreds of old photographs collected during the course of the project.

For details of the publications and how to order your copies visit our Publications page.


The project received grants from:

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