Information Sheets

As an early phase of the Heritage Bank project, a number of Information Sheets were produced on a wide range of local topics. Copies are available here, but please note:

-  most of this information has now been incorporated into the series of booklets published in autumn 2003 - along with hundreds of old photographs

-  the Information Sheets available here were "work in progress"; none are claimed to be definitive or completely accurate

-  they are intended to prompt readers in our search to gather as much information as possible; each one asks you if you can add or correct anything.

The Information Sheets produced so far are:

1 Link Buriton Lime Works April 2001
2 Link Butser Lime Works: Mr Chitty's Story June 2001
3 Link Hop Growing and Hop Picking June 2001
4 Link Local Wells and Water Supplies June 2001
5 Link Local Luminaries: Famous People from the Area June 2001
6 Link Local Pheasant and Rabbit Shoots July 2001
7 Link The Days of Sheep Rearing on the Downs July 2001
8 Link School Days July 2001
9 Link The Arrival of the Railway August 2001
10 Link St. Mary's Church and the Methodist Chapel August 2001
11 Link Cricket, Lovely Cricket August 2001
12 Link Local Roads, Stage Coaches and Highwaymen March 2002
13 Link Nursted March 2002
14 Link Ditcham March 2002
15 Link Wartime in Buriton Updated July 2002
16 Link The Harfields of Buriton March 2002

The Buriton Heritage Bank project has also produced a 'House Detectives Toolkit' to help local residents to find out more about the history of their own houses and the people who have lived there in the past.

Other Information Link Becoming a House Detective April 2001

Research into other local topics is planned. What ideas do you have? What information do you have? Can you add to or correct any of the information in any of the Information Sheets? Please get in touch if you can help in any way.