What do you know about life in Buriton in years gone by?
Or about the local wildlife or natural history?

Would you like to find out more?
Do you have some information that might be of interest to others?

Horse and cart by church

Hop-pickers by Buriton church

- probably around the beginning of the twentieth century

Buriton Village Association is co-ordinating a special project to collect information about the heritage of Buriton parish and to share knowledge that has already been collected.

The parish is near Petersfield in Hampshire (UK) and, as well as Buriton village, it includes the hamlets of Weston, Nursted and Ditcham.

    The project is exploring:

  • local life in years gone by
  • the history of local houses and buildings
  • the local natural history: flora and fauna
Gathering up the last of the oats

If you think that you may have some interesting information (or you know of someone else who might be able to help with the project) please get in touch.

The parish has special downland flowers

Old photographs, postcards, maps and press cuttings are likely to be of particular interest as well as other information about buildings, or the natural or cultural history of the area. Please share your knowledge - and your memories!

In autumn 2003 we were able to produce a number of special books recording our findings - illustrated with hundreds of old photographs from the collection we have assembled during the project.