Project Aims

The parish of Buriton has a rich local heritage and some fascinating local history: an agricultural and industrial heritage which includes years of sheep-grazing on the downs, thriving local hop gardens and local lime works; distinctive buildings using local malmstone materials; archaeological sites from roman, saxon and medieval times; and the special landscapes and natural history of the South Downs, with habitats for rare flora and fauna.

Photowall at one of our Open Days

There are also local cultural connections: the Bonham Carter family and, before them, Edward Gibbon (the famous historian) have owned the local manor farm; and John Goodyer, one of Britain's greatest botanists, also lived in the parish and is buried in the churchyard.

But there is a danger of losing knowledge about the past and this project aims to ensure that information is recorded, shared and explained.

One of our nature walks on the South Downs

The project is encouraging the local community to explore the local heritage and to find out more and more. It is generating a greater interest in, and respect for, the local area.

The 'Heritage Bank' idea allows the whole community to 'pay in' or 'deposit' information, experience and research and also to be able to 'draw out' information from this pool of knowledge - to enhance people's own appreciation of the local heritage and to develop their own studies. Youngsters of the parish can draw on the knowledge of older residents; newcomers can learn from those whose families have lived in the area for generations; and those with a good knowledge of the local natural history can share and explain it to others.

And, through this website, those who live further afield can also take part in the project.

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