Publications Now Available The Buriton Heritage Bank achieved a major milestone in autumn 2003 with the publication of nine publications about the parish.

All the booklets are crammed with fascinating information and lots of pictures - including hundreds of old photographs collected during the course of the project.

Details of each of these nine publications and of how to order copies are provided below (prices excluding P&P).


More recently two further booklets have been published, details as follows:

BURITON AND D-DAY: the 1944 invasion through local eyes (priced £5)

FROM CHALK TO CHEESE: an unusual history book, set in and around Buriton (priced £5).

1 Buriton in Living Memory (100 pages of text* illustrated with many old photos)

*Chapters in 'Buriton in Living Memory' include: Around the home, Going to school, On the farm, At the limeworks, In the hopfields, On a shoot, Upstairs, downstairs (including life at Nursted and Ditcham), Church and chapel, Sports and leisure, During the war.
2 Buriton - Then and Now (36 pages of old photos - with modern equivalents) 5.00
3 Buriton Beyond Living Memory (from the Stone Age to the Steam Age) 3.00
4 A Natural History of the Parish (24 pages with lovely colour photos) 5.00
5 Local Luminaries (famous people who have lived in the parish) 2.00
6 Walks Through Time (six guided walks around the parish with historical details) 3.00
7 A Buriton Timeline (an at-a-glance guide to notable local events) 2.00
8 The Wealth of Weston (32 pages devoted to Weston and Butser Hill Limeworks) 3.00
9 Buriton in Maps (copies of old maps and aerial photographs showing changes over time) 5.00

Sample pages available here.

Complete set of all nine publications available for a discounted price of 30 (save 8) +5.00 P&P

To order copies of any publications:

Please send cheques, made payable to 'Buriton Village Association', to Mrs D Jones, Lynchets, Bones Lane Buriton, Nr Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 5SE.

Please add the costs of postage and packing to your order:
2 for Buriton in Living Memory and 1 for each other booklet, to a maximum of 5.