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2011 Exhibtion praised by visitors from as far away as Australia

Buriton’s fascinating history was brought to life in a special exhibition on Saturday September 24th 2011 and the event attracted visitors from as far away as Australia .

Adrian Fletcher from Sydney, New South Wales, had visited our annual ‘Heritage Bank’ exhibition in 2009 – and he returned this year with more of his family.

Scores of visitors attended the exhibition in the village hall – and brought more information for the community’s archives.

Another 50-60 old photographs were added to the Heritage Bank records, many of them showing details of how farming was done before the days of tractors and modern machinery.

The ten-year old project has now collected over 2,600 old photographs of local people and places – a real achievement for such a small community.

When the Buriton Village Association started the initiative there had been a real risk that lots of information about our local history and heritage could be lost over time.

As much as possible was recorded in the nine publications which have been produced, but the organisers are always finding out more as people bring old photographs and memories to the events.

Families from Nottinghamshire , Kent , Sussex and Surrey also flocked to see the exhibition this year – mingling with residents and parishioners.

This was an unforeseen aspect of the project, but more information about the local history of the parish is always gathered as people discuss life in the area today compared with recollections and pictures from yesteryear.

Anyone interested in obtaining any of the publications – or anybody with any information about the local history of the parish – should contact Doug Jones on 01730 231326 or send an email to heritage@buriton.org.uk