This current project is researching the expansion and growth of the parish over the centuries and will culminate in a map-based publication with details of as many houses as possible. Findings from our project researching the expansion and growth of the parish over the centuries are shown here.

Stawell map of 1793

Stawell map of 1793

Estate map of about 1860

What we have done?

. We have collected information on the majority of the buildings in Buriton, identifying all those built after 1900 as well as many from previous centuries. 

What you can look at?

We have produced a series of maps showing the development of the village of Buriton from 1100 to the present day. You can click on any of the time period dates below to see a snapshot of the village at that time:
1100 – 1700; 1800; 1840; 1870; 1910; 1930; 1950; 1970; 1990; 2020.

 Can you help us?

If you have any comments or have information about the history of your house in the parish of Buriton (even if you no longer live here) or if you have old deeds, wills, maps or any other documents relating to them, and which you are prepared to share with us, please email: Thank you.


The Heritage Bank is assembling copies of old maps so that everyone can see when particular buildings first appeared and what nearby land was used for.  Maps already available include:

  • 1793 estate map for Lord Stawell’s estate
  • 1840 tithe map
  • a 19th century map of the Bonham-Carter estate
  • 1870 Ordnance Survey 25” to the mile map (1st edition)
  • 1897 Ordnance Survey 25” to the mile map (2nd edition)
  • an early 20th century map of Buriton village (undated)
  • 1932 Ordnance Survey 25” to the mile map

Do you know of any other old maps ?  Please let us know.

If you would like copies of these maps, see our ‘Buriton in Maps’ publication.

Buriton in about 1850

Other information

The Heritage Bank has also obtained copies of each of the catalogues from the sales of parts of the Buriton Manor Estate in 1927, 1936, and 1958.  These include some photographs of houses and details of tenants. 

We are also collecting copies of old photographs which show houses and parts of the parish in years gone by, and we hope to obtain some aerial photographs from a range of dates.

We are also collecting oral recollections about the parish – and about who lived where. 

If you think that you may have some interesting information please: CONTACT US