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Finding gems for the Heritage Bank

By 1st March 2017Farming

As well as continuing to find out more about the impacts of the First World War on life at home in Buriton – and about each of the men who left the parish to take part in the conflict – the Village Association’s ‘Heritage Bank’ project continues to unearth some other unexpected gems.

We have recently received a large ‘Farm Accounts Book’ which provides a week-by-week summary of activities on the Buriton Manor Farm for the year 1965-66: exactly 50 years ago.

Entries summarise what each of the farm workers were doing on each day of every week, through each season of the year – with an insight, amongst other things, into one of the last years of hop-growing around the village.

The names provide a roll-call of village families from yesteryear: Anthony, Barrow, Bishop, Cook, Dewey, Harfield, Harper, Hill, Legg, Pink, Powell, Rutter, Smith, Torrance , Wilmott …

What else can you help us find?