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Some lovely feedback for the latest Heritage Bank book

Copies of “Buriton and the First World War: Through Local Eyes” have now been distributed, free of charge, to every household in the parish and scores of people have been submitting comments, including the following selection:

  • What a beautifully produced and informative book
  • We are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the book: such wonderful text and a great set of photographs
  • So many fascinating stories highlighting the impact of the war
  • Besides recalling moving stories about our Buriton boys it is also an amazing history of the First World War told in a unique and highly readable and captivating style
  • It provides an excellent complete history of the war through local eyes – not something that I am aware has been tried before
  • It is terrific. I think you are creating a really strong set of historical reference works for the village and its true value will only be understood in the years to come
  • The book is a remarkable outcome of an inspired community project to commemorate Buriton people who played their part in WW1
  • The project has been a true testament and respectful of the men who fought and to their families and community
  • I am sure that the book will help to keep alive the memory of those to whom it is dedicated.