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New Buriton Time Capsule – can you help?

By 11th April 2020April 15th, 2020Heritage Bank

We are living through history – would you like to help to keep a record for people in the future?

It might be interesting if a range of people (adults and children) could contribute to a new ‘Buriton Time Capsule’ to create a snapshot of life in these strange times.

The Buriton Heritage Bank already holds lots of interesting information about life in the parish in years gone by – but we are currently living through history and so it could be fascinating to make a note of things like:

 What you’ve been doing, compared to normal?
 How have you been feeling?
 Have you had to queue for food or helped others with their shopping?
 Have neighbours looked out for you?
 Have you been taking special precautions to keep the virus at bay?
 How have you coped living in relative isolation?
 How have you kept in touch with others?
 Are there people (loved ones, friends or work colleagues) with whom you have not really been able to keep in touch?
 What have you missed most – let’s hope it’s not toilet rolls!
 What have you done to keep busy?
 Have you been doing any new things?
 Have become more aware of some things?
 Have you learnt something from (or during) this experience?
 How has your work been affected?
 If you’ve been working from home (or schooling from home), how has that been?
 What have you been thankful for or appreciated most?
 Have you ‘celebrated’ birthdays or other special occasions?
 Will you have any special memories from this time? Sad or glad?
 What are you looking forward to when this is over?
 Might you miss the peace and quiet or anything else?
 What have you liked about living in Buriton at this time?
 And, perhaps, what has annoyed you about living here?
 And lots of other things?!

Perhaps you can also take some photographs for the Heritage Bank (or some video or audio clips)?

Please think about taking part in this initiative so that the Buriton Heritage Bank can accumulate a good cross-section of life in the parish in this strange period: with contributions from all age groups…  Anything can be treated anonymously if you’d prefer …

You can send contributions by email via or – or contact Doug Jones on 01730 231326 or deliver written contributions to 17 Bones Lane, GU31 5SE.