A Natural History of the Parish


The parish of Buriton, set in the heart of the South Downs National Park, is a treasure chest of wildlife and wildflowers.

There is a wide range of natural habitats (including woodlands, farmland, chalk grassland, ponds, streams, hedges and sunken lanes) which encourage a rich variety of plants, birds, mammals and insects – some of which are of national importance. And the parish also has links with some famous botanists of the past.

This booklet is intended to help people appreciate what is special about the natural history of the parish and, although not aiming to be a comprehensive guide, it is hoped that it will help people identify things and find out where and how they live.

It explains that we need to value and respect the world around us so that the richness can be maintained for future generations.

Sections in the booklet include:

  • Local Nature Reserves
  • an array of orchids
  • some birds of Buriton
  • some local ‘specialities’: species that are quite rare
  • Buriton’s botanists: Goodyer and Tansley
  • fascinating fungi
  • sunken lanes
  • a nature diary: things to look out for month by month.

24 pages with lovely colour photographs.