A Buriton Timeline


An at-a-glance guide to notable local events.

An illustrated timeline spanning the period from 7000 BC to the start if the 21st century.

With answers to so many questions:

  • when was the present church built?
  • when did Samuel Pepys ride past Butser Hill?
  • which road became one of the first Turnpikes in the country?
  • when was the church struck by lightening with parts destroyed by fire?
  • when did the famous historian, Edward Gibbon, live at Buriton Manor?
  • when was the current school built?
  • when was the railway line built?
  • until when was the church tower completely covered in ivy?
  • when was the Roman villa at Holt Down excavated?
  • when did the village receive mains electricity?
  • when were the Buriton lime works closed?
  • when did the village first get a mains water supply?
  • when was the Methodist Chapel in the High Street demolished?
  • when did hop-growing finish?
  • when was the Queen Elizabeth Country Park opened?
  • when was a gas supply provided to the village?
  • when was the new village hall opened?
  • when did the village shop close down?

And many, many more …